Friday, August 5, 2016


The MTC is an amazing place. I love it here.

Time is flying by and Elder Tarter and I are killing it!

We started teaching investigators on Monday, Ganlin and Sergio.

Ganlin didnt show up Monday but we have been able to teach her on Wednesday Thursday and Friday which is great.

We have been teaching Sergio all of this week and he is amazing! He has been feeling the spirit every time he prays and has accepted our challenge to be baptized!!!!

Throughout the week is pretty much just class and teaching and meals... we get little time to do anything else.

Seeing all the new missionaries come in on Wednesday was great! I got to see so many people I know! Elder Simons and Tester are killing it! I haven’t seen Elder MacKay yet but I am looking so I’ll see him soon!

I saw Elder Sorenson, Sandlin, Selman, and Anderson as well. They look great!

Food is awful and it seems like I’m not getting enough sleep even though I get like 8 hours a night, the days are extremely busy and so exhausting.

Getting mail is the best thing ever. Sorry if I haven’t written you a letter back yet, I still need to buy some envelopes and stamps and what not.

Still waiting on my flight plans so I’m not exactly sure when I’m leaving...

love you all
Elder Bakker

Elder Tester, Elder Bakker
Elder Simons, Elder Bakker

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