Monday, October 3, 2016

Cockroaches and Confernce

Its been a good first week of the transfer!

I am now with Elder Janson. He is the man! He has some great talents. He can hold his breath for 5 minutes, he can beat box, he has a ridiculously high pain tolerance and he is dying in like 8 weeks. I transferred into the southern Farsi area which we call South Persia and it is great! The apartment actually has a carpet and nice desks, the only downside is that it has theses nasty little bugs called cockroaches that live under our sink.... it is impossible to kill them all because they multiply so quickly... ew!!!

This weekend we were able to hear from Our Prophet and the Apostles!!! Sooooo cool! I really enjoyed the talk on joy. We all go through hard times, whether that be with family, friends, school, work, or having to learn a language that is extremely foreign. But we can always find the joy in those things, "Men are that they might have joy". We came to this earth to have fun and find the good things in life!!! Going through hard things will be such a small moment in the entirety of our lives.

All is well here :)
I only have one more year of being a teenager... better live it up!
love you !!!!!
Dustet daram!!!!!


ارشد باکر

Elder Bakker
Elder Janson and Elder Bakker

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