Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thanksgiving (USA)

I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet but I can't email on Thursday so I will say it now, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Here in Canada everything is just a copy of America, and since there are so many missionaries from the states here we are allowed to celebrate the REAL Thanksgiving :)

So this week has been pretty interesting. At the start of the week our zone leaders sent out a text inviting all of us to really focus on baptism this week and that if we did we would see blessings from it. So thats exactly what we did! We started to focus on baptism more, and we definitely saw the blessings from it.  A member of the church that was baptized a couple years ago and is now less active has started to meet with us and has been coming back to church more regularly. We have focused on helping her bring her family to church but for some reason she didn't want her family involved in the same church that she is a part of. This last week we met with her again and the first thing she says to us is "lets set a baptismal date for my son". WHAT?? he has been taught all the lessons already as he has grown up learning with his mom, so now he is able to be baptized and we set a date for December 3rd! soooooo cool!

Later on in the week we met with our recent convert for the last time... sad day but we are super happy for him! The entire time we were teaching him he was looking for a job and sending in resumes but not having any real luck. Then within a week of his confirmation he recieved a job offer, accepted and moved about an hour and a half away.What a blessing for him!

The day I went on exchanges this week happened to be the rainiest and coldest day of the week.... and the elder that I was switching with lost his bus pass so we were on bikes.... all day..... I'll tell you what, Freezing rain on bare hands is the worst. It was so cold, and I am now sick because of it..... ugh.
all good tho. Still working and learning and baptizing here!

Love you all and hope you are all able to see the little blessings in your life!


ارشد باکر

Elder Bakker

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