Thursday, January 12, 2017

5.5 Hours

All is well here and this past week has been full of miracles.

This whole transfer my companion and I have been trying to contact the former investigators we have. So on Saturday we did just that and ended up knocking doors for about five and a half hours with no real success. Came home and we were pretty beaten down. The day seemed like a waste. But the next day we came to church and we were sitting in ward council and a young man from the Chinese ward came in and told us that there was a Persian couple in the Chinese sacrament meeting. So my companion and I jumped up and went to talk with them. To our surprise it was a former investigator from 6 months ago! They didn't know about the time change and they just came when they thought it was. They ended up staying in the Chinese ward and got English translation, and they said that Chinese was good but they are excited to come to the English ward. The Lord really knows the effort we put in and sees the sincerity in our actions. The 5 and a half hours of tracting was all worth it the next day when we picked up 2 former investigators!

I hope everyones new years has been good!

ارشد باکر

Elder Bakker

What happens when a bunch of missionaries get a package of mustaches sent to them...

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