Monday, April 24, 2017


This week flewwwwwwwwwwww by. Idk what happened but time doesn't wait for anyone.

Met with our investigator a couple times and he is working towards his baptism on May 14th! He still hasn't gotten a sure answer but he is doing everything he can to get one so it should come soon! He also came to church on Sunday. I got to go on a 5 hour exchange with Elder Holden and I was able to be in the circle for 3 confirmations.

We met with our other investigtor this week and some how it came up that Glen Beck is a Mormon and he started going off about how great Glen Beck is and now he wants us to show him his conversion story.... that so next time we meet he just wants to listen to Glen Beck. Ha, we will see how that goes.

We also met with our other investigator, he has been out of town for about 2.5 weeks but we were able to get in contact! We met up and to our surprise he actually read the Book of Mormon between our discussions! He read the testimonies of the witnesses and the introduction. He liked them but still has some basic questions. We are meeting with him weekly now and we are excited to see his progression!

Sorry but there is not much else to report.

I'm so grateful for our savior and the sacrifice he made for us.

Happy Easter!

also sorry that I can't include names....


ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker

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