Monday, April 24, 2017

North York 4 Life....

Elder Milad
Transfers are here! and I'm going.......... NOWHERE!  I am staying in the same area with Elder Milad!!!!  This will be my 6th transfer here in Farsi South/North York. I've already been here for 7.5 months and I will stay for at least 9 months.  They can't move me.

Well Things here are moving along, the work is slow but the days are fast and the weeks even faster.

We have been meeting with the same people this week and they are still continuing to progress!

And one finally came to church!! We have been meeting with him for about 3 months now but he has had tennis every Sunday with his buddies but this last Sunday he finally came with his dad!

Other than that we were able to have a good talk with someone in SLC about how to teach people with a Muslim background. Talked for about 45 minutes and just told them everything we know about it. Hopefully we helped in some way.

Elder Bakker & Elder Yeung at A& W
Last thing of the week was my exchange with elder YEUNG! He is a Cantonese Elder and LOVES speaking Farsi. He doesn't know a lot but thinks it's way fun and he's pretty good. He can contact people on the street and ask them if they have been to church or not and if they want to come. Super impressive since he is from Hong Kong. He also taught me how to contact people in Mandarin. Hahha the things you learn in the Canada Toronto Mission.

love you all!!!


ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker

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