Monday, June 19, 2017

Ruze Pedar Mobarak

Salam fam bam!

Happy Fathers day!!!!!

Pretty good week.

We had another good Skype call with the Farsi elders in Germany! It's soo nice to be able to come together and role play and just practice. Hopefully we will be able to get the other couple Farsi elders in on the Skype call as well!

We had interviews with the mission President and we have some Persian pass along cards on the way! sooooo excited to get those. It's not that big of a deal over all but it is like the only other material we have besides the book of Mormon so we are pretty excited!

We got a media referral this week!!! Holy cow, I have now had three media referrals my whole mission. But this referral was way up in Bradford like an hour north of where we live. We went up there and it turns out the address was either wrong or the guy moved within the last couple of days..... bummer. BUT on the way there we passed a Dutch Treats store and they sell POFFERTJES and PANNENKOEKEN. oh my gosh we we weren't able to go in to get any cause of time but I really want to go back.

Well not much time left right now but I hope you all have a great week!

ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker

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