Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Montreal, Taiwan and LA

Everything is going well here! We are teaching 2 people over Skype, both of them are doing well! We are meeting with them weekly.
We also had a super cool experience yesterday! We had a good church meeting with one of our investigators who speaks no English so it was like 3 hours of translation........ pretty big headache to be honest, this was my first time doing 100% of the translation. After church we went home to do our studies but Brother Amato from our bishopric called us and told us that there was a Persian family that showed up at church! So we talked to them over the phone and hustled our behinds over to the church and talked to them! They lived in LA for about 5 months and over there they met a couple Christian Iranians and one of them was a Mormon! Apparently this guy had a huge impact on the wife. When they came here the husband offered to go to any of the other Christian churches but she said "no, I only want to go to the Mormon church." so 10 months later they found our church and now they will be coming to church with us next week!!!! super excited for that!

gotta go for now....

but things we did

biked to the lakeshore (downtown Toronto)
Skyped in Montreal and Taiwan
met the new family I told you about.

love you!!!!!!!!

ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker


Monday, July 10, 2017

I Love the Media!

Hey all

So here's the deal. When you are teaching people from the middle east, it's pretty uncommon to receive media referrals. I have been here in Toronto for about 11 months and I have been able to get 5 or 6. And 2 of those were duds. In the last 2 weeks we have gotten 3 media referrals and we are now teaching them all. One is here in Toronto, one is in Montreal, and the other is in Taiwan. WHAT.

Other than that we have been invited by our mission president to go out of our way and talk to every single person we see. I'll tell you what, we have seen loads of blessings from it. Yesterday we talked to a guy who gave us a referral for his buddy, address and all. Then like 30 minutes later we ran into this guys buddy while he was delivering a guy a pizza and he he was super nice, gave us his number and wants to help us find more people to teach so he is going to send us a list of people that we can go contact!

We have been bouncing around from appointment to appointment all week, busy, busy!

Welp gotta get going. Hope you all have a good week!


ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker

11 Months and July 4th

Rabbit by the entrance to our apartment

We made ground meat Kabob

hey fam
all is well here in the north.

Happy 4th!
This week we celebrated Canada day which is a huge hype here. They celebrate for like 3 days straight. Pretty nuts, and when anyone finds out we are American they just rip into us a bit hahah. super funny, when the people we meet on the street just take jabs at the states.

Anyways 2 pretty cool things happened this week!

First, we have been asked by our mission president to keep our prime proselyting time open (6pm-9pm) and if we have any meal appointments either try to reschedule them or make them, more effective by bringing an investigator. On Wednesday the Metcalf's wanted to feed us at 7pm so we told them about what President Shields asked us to do and they said that we could invite an investigator! We invited one, an ESL student who we recently started teaching and he accepted. We went over had a nice BBQ meal and talked about the Plan of Salvation and a bit about prophets! Super cool experience, Elder Dixon and I didn't say much during the actual lesson because Brother Metcalf was just bearing strong testimony. After the lesson our investigator expressed to us how important family is to him and that he really loves how important the family is to us.

The second cool experience is that we got a MEDIA REFERRAL holy cow this was amazing. I have only gotten like 4 media referrals my whole mission and out of those I've only met with 2. But this guy was awesome. He has been reading about the story of Joseph Smith online and requested us to come give him a Book of Mormon. He is a movie maker and was telling us that the Samuel the Lamanite picture looks like a scene on a set the he did for a film about Solomon. It was super cool. and now we are going back sometime this week! :)

Well I hope everyone has a good week!


ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker