Thursday, January 5, 2017


Happy new year!

This week has been fairly slow.... During the Holidays no one ever wants to meet or talk because they are always with family and friends.
So Elder Casdorph and I have been hitting our former investigators list hard. Lots of tracting and lots of slammed doors. You'd think people would at least be courteous enough to say "I'm good how are you?" instead of looking at us and slamming the door.
But I have learned something from all this. No matter how many people say no, or how many doors are shut, the Lord knows exactly where you are. He knows what you are going through and what you need. He will always put those people who are prepared to receive the gospel in your path. We knocked doors in three buildings last week with no success until the last floor when we ran into a man that was getting on the elevator. He listened to us and said that he is available to meet.

There is success in what we do as long as we work as hard as we can.

love you all.
happy new year.

ارشد باکر

Elder Bakker

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