Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First Week Back

It's been a pretty hectic week this week!
Whitewashing is definitely has some challenges, but overall it has been good!

We were able to meet with Brother Yu first thing this week. He is the ward mission leader and we talked about the goals that the ward has for everything.
Good start to the new area.
We had a good meeting with the German missionaries over Skype, they brought a member of theirs to help us learn the best vocabulary for teaching the restoration which was great! I think he used to live in Utah and he knew my Mission President hahahaha weird connection.
We left that meeting early to go help Brother Pajkowski with his garden.

Thursday is our busiest day. Went to the food bank first thing and helped out there for a couple hours, We were able to help a Persian that spoke no English get some food:). Too bad we aren't allowed to proselyte during service projects.....
We then went to Brother Fred's house for lunch, he gave us some good TMNT (tmnt is what he calls pizza) and we were able to talk to some of his neighbors! One of which was Filipino but she speaks Farsi.... what?
After Brother Fred we had an awesome pass off lesson with the sister missionaries here! He is a super cool guy that knows like 4+ languages, the typical Persian, and he is interested in why the apostasy happened and whatnot.
Then we went to sports night at the church.
busy busy

We have also been teaching ESL this week! Super fun. We teach like 20 Chinese people and they have all been coming for like 2 or more years. Most of them have already finished the program but they still come for some reason. They love it.

Sunday was awesome. First Sunday back in Richmond Hill :).

Not much else happened this week.
Hope you all have a good week!


ارشد جک باکر

Elder Jack Bakker

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