Monday, August 15, 2016

Last MTC Letter

Hey hey

What’s going on everyone

Its crazy how fast things are going here. Its also crazy how little of the real world I hear about. So will someone please tell me how the Olympics are going or something?! goodness. All I’ve heard is that Michael Phelps has gotten a couple medals but what’s new?

I only have like 2 days left here in the mtc then I’m off to good ol' Canada ay.

Elder Tarter and I have been killing lately, just got an atheist to accept our invitation to be baptized, so thats cool.

We are also teaching this other guy named Arnold and he is a legend. He has been a professional photographer, built log homes, worked as a phone repair man, beat cancer, and he has been married like 3 times. What a man.

There are way too many snacks in our residence hall. Everything is much appreciated and is being eaten but it has definitely taken a toll on me lol. The animal crackers were gone in one day, all 98 cookies that I have received have been eaten quickly and the banana bread was gone in like 2 minutes (banana bread was easily the best thing that I have gotten in a package). Also everything came in a toaster box and everyone here literally thought that I got a toaster. People came into my room asking me why I got a toaster hahah. All good though. I love getting stuff.

Hope all is well in the 84020

I’m starting to pack today so I should probably get off and go switch my laundry and whatnot

love you all

Elder Bakker
At the Provo Temple 
Elder Tester, Elder Simons, Elder Bakker at the MTC

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