Monday, August 22, 2016


All is well here in Toronto!

My mission experience started out pretty crazy.... landed in Toronto thinking everything was going to be easy and just fly by, I thought that I had that world at my finger tips when I first got here. The Lord has good ways of humbling us.

So here's the story....

Day one: I land in Toronto, feeling great. It's hot and humid. Stood in the customs line for about 3 hours, what a blessing. Met President and Sister Shields, they are amazing. We drive to the mission home have dinner and a meet and greet testimony meeting and what not with the new guys and the Dragons(Mandarin AP's) and then we go to a hotel for the night, all is well.

Day two: We go to the stake center to meet our new companions and whatnot. So we are all sitting in a room with the new guys and all the new trainers, like 5 minutes from meeting them and the president pulls me out and changes my mission call..... in the previous night we had an entrance interview, we talked about how I come from a line of bakers originating in Holland and talked about Dutch and whatnot and he asked if I was intimidated by languages, I said no and he said great, then I left not thinking anything of it. So back to day 2 he says to me, "Elder Bakker, we have a need for more missionaries in the Farsi work." So now I'm going to be speaking Farsi aka Persian.  There are 7, including me, Farsi speaking missionaries in Toronto.  It feels like I started from scratch, but the Lords work is the same in every language.

On Tuesday night my trainers decided it would be good for me to invite someone to be baptised.. in Farsi... so that was cool.

On Wednesday we got me a dictionary and grammar book. had a meeting with the 4 other Frasi's in the mission and taught some lessons.

Thursday was amazing! we were able to see a couple get baptised in Slovania! They were taught by my trainers over Skype! Elder Atkinson(my oldest trainer) has taught people in 8 different countries and actually opened up the Farsi work in Germany! He is incredible.

On Friday we taught some more lessons, learned some more Farsi, and read some scriptures. you know the usual.

We got to go listen to Elder Ballard in person!! Super cool! Shook his hand and everything. Then after that we listened to him again (not in person).

On Sunday Elder Ballard did an Ontario wide broadcast that we got to see! So we heard from him 3 different times! He talked to us about following the Apostles extremely closely, and pretty much said that things are going to start getting crazy. We also got to see another baptism!!! Super cool week!

Love you all!!
Khoda Hafez!!

kh makes like a german glottal sound btw

Book of Mormon and the old Iranian flag

Mission tag in Farsi, I've ordered mine, it will be about 6 weeks before I get it
Book of Mormon and Bible in Persian

Milk in a bag.

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