Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Persian Life

How's everyone doing?!?!?!?!?!?

All is well here in the Great White North!

Farsi or Persian or whatever you want to call it is still really hard if anyone was wondering...super fun though.
I feel like my mission life is half study and half teaching.
The members here in the Richmond Hill ward are amazing! we get fed like every night, and they always want to come teaching with us. It's great!
Finding new Persian people to teach is tough. There are a couple places that are highly populated with Persians, but once you have tracted through and tried to teach them, there's not much you can do... We work a lot off of referrals from the Persians that we are currently teaching. Also it's hard because a lot of them are Muslim and don't want anything to do with Christian missionaries. It is amazing to see people open up and listen to our message though.
Being a Persian missionary has its perks, Since we don't have a specified area and we are able to teach wherever there is a Persian investigator in the mission. We are also able to go wherever we want on p days! So taking advantage of that we are going to Niagara Falls!! I'll be on the border of the states...land of the free.

love you all!!!!

                                                          ارشد باکر 

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